Jonathan McKinney

Writer. Filmmaker. Composer. YouTuber.


I've loved film music since I was a little kid, listening to the original scores to movies like Jurassic Park, Superman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Edward Scissorhands. As an adult, I've continued to love movie scores, and I've begun to write my own pieces based on characters and events from my books, and the books of my partner J.J. Barnes.

My first album, The Siren Stories Original Soundtrack, is available now on iTunes, Amazon Music, and YouTube, and I am regularly releasing new a cover version music to my YouTube channel where you can listen for free.

Siren Stories Original Soundtrack by Jonathan McKinney

All the music on my first album was inspired by stories and characters from the SSU. Watch the videos on my album playlist on YouTube.

This is my submission to the West World Scoring Competition 2020.

I'm releasing orchestral covers of famous songs.

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