Jonathan McKinney

Writer. Filmmaker. Composer. YouTuber.

Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories

My books are all set within an interconnected, magical-yet-recognisable world of the SSU (Siren Strories Universe.) Beady-eyed readers will notice references to colourful characters, world-shaping events, and magical lore spread among my stories, as well as those of my wonderful writing partner, J.J. Barnes.

These books are all available to buy in paperback and Kindle, or free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

The stories and characters are the inspiration behind many of the tracks on my new album, The Siren Stories Original Soundtrack, available to listen to NOW!

Alana A Ghost Story by Jonathan McKinney

Alana is a ghost, trapped in the New York Film Academy dorms, where she died. She has friends, fellow ghosts, with whom she haunts the students living there, passing her time watching whatever TV shows and movies the students watch.

But she is restless. She wants to move on. And when a medium moves into the dorms, Alana gets a nasty shock, which turns her mundane afterlife upside down.

The Fundamental Miri Mnene, A Schildmaids Novel, by Jonathan McKinney

Miri Mnene is the Syncerus, a warrior, and the strongest of the Schildmaids, the New York team of legendary crime fighters. But she was not always the Syncerus. Once, she was the Xuétú Nánrén Shāshǒu, the final student of the man-hating, man-killing Guan-yin Cheh.

And when she is sent to South Dakota to investigate a mystical brothel, which has been kidnapping women, kidnapping girls, and forcing them to work, she is confronted by the darkness that lives within her when her past and present collide

Unholy Water, A Halloween Nove, by Jonathan McKinney

In the misty Lancashire town of Ecclesburn, kids go missing. But no one talks about it. Everyone knows why, but they don't talk about it. The grown ups smear garlic and holy water over their necks and wrists while walking the dog after dark, but they never say the V word.

And when one of the local pubs is taken over by a group of undead monsters, and a trio of vampire hunters is called to clear them out, a terrible series of events begins to play out, which will change the way Ecclesburnians live forever.

Emily The Master Enchantress, The Schildmaids Saga, Jonathan McKinney

Hidden, veiled behind the compressed wealth of New York City, is a dank underbelly of exploitation and slavery, which most people never see, or sense, or suffer. A cruel, expanding world.

And when Emily Hayes-Brennan, a proficient enchantress with a good heart and a tendency to overshare, is recruited to the legendary crime fighters, the Schildmaids, she will find that that cruel world threatens to expand around her, and everyone she cares about.

The Relief Of Aurelia Kite, A Schildmaids Novella, by Jonathan McKinney

Aurelia Kite is a young New Yorker at Christmas, trapped in an abusive relationship, dreaming of escape. And when her controlling boyfriend Trafford takes on a new job, her path crosses with two highly serious female crime fighters, causing her to make a big decision about what she will and will not tolerate.

Apocalypse Now Apparently, A Coronavirus Romantic Comedy, by Jonathan McKinney

Alcoholic writer Eli Moran and the cast and crew of his new TV show "Apocalypse Now Apparently" are quarantined on set as COVID-19 forces society to crank to a halt throughout the UK and around the world.

Apocalypse Now Apparently is the first in the series Lockdown, created by J.J. Barnes and Jonathan McKinney, labelled "A Coronavirus Romantic Comedy".

After The Mad Dog In The Fog, Erotic Story, Novella, Novelette, Jonathan McKinney JJ Barnes

Emily Hayes-Brennan wants to get through a simple night out in her home city of New York, introducing her new boyfriend Teo to her friends, so she can get him home and have sex with him for the very first time. But when an obnoxious admirer and old flame shows up, she begins to fear that her plans are going awry. 

Not Even Stars, A Schildamaids Novel, by Jonathan McKinney

Teo Roqué is journeying through Europe with Emily Hayes-Brennan, the woman he loves, when ancient hostilities give way to a war between powerful, clandestine organisations. A war which puts the young couple's lives in danger, as well as all those they care about.

And as a new threat emerges, fanning the conflict's flames, Teo and Emily must work together to end the war before it leads to a disaster much, much worse than they'd imagined.

The Mystery Of Ms Riley, A Schildmaids Novella, by Jonathan McKinney

Alice Anders and Rakesha McKenzie are members of the Schildmaids, the legendary New York crime fighters. And when Alice sees visions of Nina Riley, a young New Yorker carrying a deep, hidden pain, the two heroes fight to determine what has caused that pain, and how to save Ms. Riley from a prison she cannot even see.

The Inadequacy Of Alice Anders, A Schildmaids Short Story, by Jonathan McKinney

Alice Anders can summon vision of the future, which guide her heroic friends through heroic acts. Sometimes she'll see vulnerable people in danger; sometimes she'll see her superhero friends in places where they can help those who can't help themselves.

But, for the last three and a half weeks, she's not been able to summon a single vision—and given that she started working for the superhero team of her dreams, the Schildmaids, exactly three and a half weeks ago, she's becoming anxious about her worth. And to figure out why her power has gone away, she'll have to push herself, and face some hard truths.

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